For Patients

MVI's immunotherapies: changing PSA progression, impacting bone metastases & delaying disease progression

MVI is committed to making immunotherapy work for patients with prostate cancer, using combinations of our plasmid DNA along with inhibitors of immune suppression such as anti-PD-1

What we're doing to help.

  • Testing combinations of our DNA plasmids for men in any stage of prostate cancer (early, non-metastatic; metastatic, hormone-sensitive; and metastatic, castration-resistant)
  • Testing our plasmid DNA immune system activators in combination with androgen depriving therapies (LHRH agonists and antagonists), based on preclinical evidence and early clinical trial evidence that this approach can delay disease progression for longer periods of time
  • Working to help define those mechanisms of immune resistance in patients so alternative strategies can be developed to overcome this resistance and bring the benefits of immunotherapy to men with prostate cancer.

Putting MVI therapies to work for you.

There are 3 million men living in the US today with prostate cancer. The disease often has a prolonged trajectory. There are therapies that work to slow the disease for months and years. And this is all good news for PrCa patients.  

But you deserve better.  

There are powerful new therapies available to treat patients with advanced cancers.  They are called immunotherapies and they can dramatically slow cancer growth and/or stop their progression completely, and often extend life for prolonged periods.  These therapies must be brought to bear for prostate cancer. And they will. We are working toward that goal every day, with you in mind.

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A man talking to his doctor.

You are our focus.

MVI is focused on our patients; men with prostate cancer. We know the burden it puts on you and your families. We understand the anxiety and frustrations involved as you work with your doctor in making critical decisions about your own care. We know the side effects and unfair tradeoffs involved in many common treatments.

We're working, every day, to change this scenario, and open up the benefits of immunotherapies to men living with prostate cancer.

What can you do?

Be a good advocate for yourself. Become informed about your disease. Work in partnership with your doctor to identify your path of treatment. The more you read and learn, the better prepared you will be to make good decisions. Ask questions, be sure you understand as much about the details of your testing and chosen course of therapy as you can. If your doctor recommends that you consider participating in a clinical trial, be sure to ask about all of the options and types of trials available to you.

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