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Immune-based Therapies.

Innovative combination therapies to help men fighting prostate cancer.

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Aggressive pursuit of effective combination immunotherapies

Immune-based monotherapy is the exception rather than the norm in oncology. Our combination strategies for metastatic and non-metastatic prostate cancer are designed to enable checkpoint inhibitors and to maximize the clinical value of standard-of-care therapies for patients, preserve quality of life, and drive adoption.

Clinical mindset

We believe human data is more valuable than imperfect animal models. Our "Test, Learn, Apply" approach maximizes our knowledge of human response to our immune activating agents.

The right preclinical questions

Rather than asking "how do we provide the most potent vaccine?", we ask, "how do we provide the most effective immunotherapy?"

Building on solid foundations

Our approach is different, but builds on very solid foundations, combining our vaccines with standard-of-care therapies and with checkpoint inhibitors, in mechanistically relevant ways, to maximize clinical response.

Minimized product costs

We use a simple vaccine technology, manufactured at a low COG, with convenient, minimally invasive delivery, and coordinated combination dosing to keep costs low.

Deep investment in biomarkers

MVI invests heavily in biomarker collection and analysis in each of its trials.  We analyze markers of immune activation in blood and in tumors, and utilize fully quantitative PET imaging to learn the impact of our therapies on bone metastases.

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