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MVI is opening the door to immunotherapy for prostate cancer

Put the MVI difference to work for you.

MVI DNA vaccines are poised to differentiate PD-1 inhibitors and standard-of-care AR axis inhibitors across the disease spectrum of prostate cancer

2 Prostate Cancer Assets Ready for Randomized Phase II  POC Clinical Trials

MVI has two DNA plasmid vaccines specifically targeting prostate cancer that are currently in Pilot Phase II development trials across the major stages of disease progression. We have excellent safety, and clinical efficacy signals in combination with PD-1 inhibitors and AR axis antagonists.

Flexible Partnering Strategies

MVI recognizes that not all partners want the same relationships. MVI is open to development strategies that could include MVI's continued development responsibilities under standard option structures, asset transfers, or joint development initiatives.

Early Development Risks Retired

MVI has moved both of its assets well beyond preclinical animal models. Human safety and tolerability risks are retired. Manufacturing processes are robust with 5 lots of cGMP clinical material produced without a failure.
We have significant data on preferred dosing schedules for combination therapies.

About Madison Vaccines, Inc.

Madison Vaccines Incorporated (MVI) is leading the development of clinical combinations that will allow men with prostate cancer to benefit from modern immunotherapy approaches.

MVI is uniquely focused on human translational trials that inform us rapidly how to maximize the value of immunotherapies in prostate cancer using affordable DNA plasmid vaccines as a platform.

MVI is running more prostate cancer clinical trials, with more diverse combination therapies, across all stages of the disease, and doing so in a more cost-effective manner than any competitor.

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