Publications: Douglas McNeel, M.d. Ph.D.

Bibliography and peer-reviewed publications

Peer-reviewed publications of original work

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Invited, peer-reviewed, review articles or editorials

  1. Madan RA, Antonarakis ES, Drake CG, Fong L, Yu EY, McNeel DG, Lin DW, Chang NN, Sheikh NA, and Gulley JL.  (2020)  “Putting the pieces together:  Completing the mechanism of action jigsaw for sipuleucel-T.”  J Natl Cancer Inst (pending).  (PMID: 32145020, PMCID: exempt).
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Invited, peer-reviewed book chapters

  1. Bradley ES and McNeel DG.  “DNA Vaccines.”  Marshall JL ed. Encyclopedia of Cancer Therapeutic Targets.  New York:  Springer, 2016.
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