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Madison Vaccines Incorporated (MVI) is a Delaware C-Corporation operating in Madison, Wisconsin whose principal mission is development of therapeutic plasmid DNA vaccine products for patients with prostate cancer. MVI is also developing a sensitivity test to identify those patients who will derive clinical benefit from these vaccines. The company is committed to development of immunological therapies in patients with minimal residual disease, and for whom the mechanism of action of vaccines is ideally suited. MVI is focused on stimulating a prostate cancer patient’s immune system to destroy residual tumor cells before they develop into overt bone metastases, with the goals of providing these men with significant improvements in metastases free survival, and improving their quality of life by delaying the need for castration therapies, and by extending the duration of disease control offered by castration therapy agents.


MVI is developing two plasmid DNA vaccines for use in prostate cancer targeting human prostatic acid phosphatase and human androgen receptor ligand binding domain. In addition, by focusing on clinical development of these immune-activating therapeutic vaccines in the most highly appropriate patient settings (early post-primary treatment in a minimal disease setting), MVI intends to substantially de-risk these therapies for their future partners. By conducting clinical development in a disease (prostate cancer) that progresses relatively slowly, and treating patients very early in their disease when immunoactive therapies have their best opportunity to be effective, MVI uniquely distinguishes itself from most biotechnology vaccine companies in the prostate cancer space. MVI is also committed to technology development based on recent research discoveries of a unique CD8+, CTLA-4+, IL-35 secreting T-regulatory cell signature that exists prior to, and persists after vaccination in patients who elicit a biochemical (PSA doubling time) response to pTVG-HP.

Business Development

MVI is seeking collaborations and partnerships to fully develop pTVG-HP, pTVG-AR and a Companion Diagnostic Product.

Parties interested in collaboration or partnership should contact MVI:

Richard R.Lesniewski, Ph.D.
President, Madison Vaccines Incorporated
505 South Rosa Road, Suite 201

Madison, WI 53719

Office: 608-467-5269

Mobile: 610-850-4697