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MVI is working toward a future where men with recurrent prostate cancer will live longer and healthier lives as spouses, fathers and grandfathers.

Patients with recurrent prostate cancer currently face two options: to watch and wait (and worry) while their PSA continues to rise after their initial treatment, or to start castration therapy, and expose themselves to a significant decline in quality of life. MVI-816 is intended to provide a third option, to take action against the cancer without the need for castration therapy.


MVI is developing plasmid DNA immunotherapy for prostate cancer patients.

These vaccines are readily manufactured, stable, and are administered with a simple injection. We target patients with the highest risk of developing bone or other metastases after their initial therapy.

MVI DNA vaccines represent discoveries made in the laboratory of Dr. Douglas McNeel at the University of Wisconsin, and licensed to MVI.


MVI-816 is a plasmid DNA vaccine targeting prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP), a well-defined prostate antigen suitable for prostate cancer vaccines. MVI-816 is currently progressing in a randomized, double blinded, placebo controlled Phase 2 trial.

MVI-118 is a plasmid DNA vaccine targeting the human androgen receptor, the critical biological target responsible for driving prostate cancer progression and resistance. An IND is anticipated in 2014.

MVI is advancing research on a novel signature in the blood of certain men with prostate cancer to help MVI identify patients who are most likely to receive clinical benefit from DNA vaccine therapy.